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June 2013 - Baskerville photos uploaded.
mid-July 2013 - website unavailable for a couple of days. Restored under
3/8/13 - additional Baskerville photos uploaded - 12/5/85 and 16/3/86 meetings - Formula 2 cars.
3/8/13 - Truck racing photos added - from Feb 1992 meeting.
13/8/13 - First Symmons Plains photos added - 1972 to 1976.
14/8/13 - Symmons Plains photos 1977 to 1980 uploaded.
16/8/13 - Remainder of Symmons Plains photos uploaded.
18/8/13 - Uploading of Baskerville race program entry lists completed.
31/8/13 - Symmons Plains race program entry lists uploaded.
20/9/13 - Speedway photos uploaded.
27/9/13 - Bathurst 1000 photos uploaded.
27/9/13 - Calder, Oran Park & Sandown Raceway photos uploaded.
18/3/15 - Finally added some Speedway Race Programs - a few for Bridgewater. 
14/10/15 - Added Baskerville Historics 2015 - my first race meeting photography in over two decades !!!
5/3/18 - Added "Other Events" - various other events including Hillclimbs and car shows etc
14/3/18 - Added Rally photos, from the Tasmanian Rally Championships - FINALLY !!!!!
15/3/18 - Added Drag Racing from Tarmac Dragway - 1979